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¶2018 mNCAA—400: Michael Norman (USC) 43.61 CR (WL) (6, x W; 5, 9 US)


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  • Originally posted by guru View Post
    Of course had it been warmer the air would have been even less dense(and faster). But to suggest had the weather last night been low 60's, but the air bone dry it would have been just as fast simply is not true. Also, the barometric pressure was relatively low last night(30.01), though not extremely so.
    People tend to think that when it rains that the relative humidity is 100%, while that is true at the elevation where the rains starts it is rarely the case most of the time. As an example on June 9 during the afternoon of the core of the Women's events the relative humidity was never higher than 80 percent and was as low as 69 percent and the dew point was in the 40s. At that dew point the air has less than a third of the moisture as at 77 degrees. Thus, the dew point was so low that it there was so little moisture in the air that it had NO effect whatsoever on the results. Even for sprints the effect is quite small, about 0.01 seconds (if I remember JRM's comments correctly) or so in a 100. Just completely forget about the moisture effects when the sir is not pretty uncomfortable from humidity. For a baseball it matters more because the speed is so high. But I think that for a baseball the effect is small compared to effect of playing in, say, Denver.

    As for a comparison of the weather of Friday and Saturday, it was pretty cold sitting in the stands for the first several hours of the decathlon, whereas on Saturday it was a warm in the morning watching the Hept Lj/Jav while the afternoon it at 5-8 it went 56/54/51/52 with the dew point fixed at about 46. However, the airport was getting only light rain while Hayward Field (and the arboreteum to the SE of the field where I was by then at a wedding) was likely colder with the effect of the hard rain.

    Again, as I posted elsewhere, it is NOT 100% relative humidity when it rains where you are getting rained on, just at the upper levels where it is starting the rain. In Eugene the dew point was 5-10 degrees (F) below the air temperature. Also, there seems to be a fair bit of evidence that light rain does not hurt most track events, and the footing on good (e.g., high-level tracks like Hayward Field) tracks is not effected.