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How many all time US sub-45"00 quarter milers?


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  • How many all time US sub-45"00 quarter milers?

    Bonjour Dan LILOT,
    Knowing that -I am French- in France we have
    had through the ages only one sub-45"00
    performance (the French 400m record is indeed
    a "poor" 44"95...), I wonder, to compare with
    the US quarter milers, how many in history
    until today ran electric regular sub-45"00
    To my opinion, at last 60...
    Where can I find the 100 top US all-time
    400m performers list?
    With all my thanks.

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    Re: How many all time US sub-45

    strangely, Mitch Potter just ran 44.93 at the NCAA Regional

    USA Top 400 runners under 44.95
    Michael Johnson 43.18
    Butch Reynolds 43.29
    Quincy Watts 43.50
    Danny Everett 43.81
    Lee Evans 43.86A
    Steve Lewis 43.87
    Larry James 43.97A
    Alvin Harrison 44.09
    Jerome Young 44.09
    Derek Mills 44.13
    (Roberto Hernandez, 44.14, first non-USA)
    Anthuan Maybank 44.15
    Antonio Pettigrew 44.21
    Alonzo Babers 44.27
    Andrew Valmon 44.28
    Tyree Washington 44.28
    Derrick Brew 44.29
    Lamont Smith 44.30
    Darnell Hall 44.34
    Fred Newhouse 44.40
    Ron Freeman 44.41A
    Ronnie Ray 44.45A
    Darrell Robinson 44.45
    Michael Franks 44.47
    Roddie Haley 44.48 ("the DMR dude")
    Jerome Davis 44.51
    Ray Pierre 44.59A
    Mark Everett 44.59
    John Smith 44.60A
    Kevin Robinzine 44.61
    Calvin Harrison 44.64
    Vince Matthews 44.66
    Tyrone Kemp 44.66
    Curtis Mills 44.67 (converted from 440y)
    Milton Campbell 44.67
    Sunder Nix 44.68
    Angelo Taylor 44.68
    Antonio McKay 44.69
    Cliff Wiley 44.70
    Tim Simon 44.70
    Andre Phillips 44.71
    Brandon Couts 44.72
    Willie Smith 44.73
    James Rolle 44.73A
    Marlon Ramsey 44.74
    Raoul Howard 44.74
    Clarence Daniel 44.75
    Deon Minor 44.75
    Walter McCoy 44.76
    Kevin Little 44.77
    Jason Rouser
    JaWarren Hooker 44.78
    Wayne Collett 44.80
    Chris Whitlock 44.80A
    Danny McCray 44.81
    Maxie Parks 44.82
    Ray Armstead 44.83
    Mark Rowe 44.83
    Leonard Byrd 44.83
    Bill Mullins 44.84
    Maurice Peoples 44.85 (converted from 440y)
    Zeke Jefferson 44.86
    Chris Jones 44.87
    Andrew Pierce 44.87
    Harold Madox 44.89
    Leslie Kerr 44.90
    Marlin Cannon 44.90
    Chip Jenkins 44.90 (faster than his dad !)
    Howard Henley 44.92
    Laron Brown 44.92
    Kempa Busby 44.93
    Eddie Carey 44.94A
    Rod Jones 44.94
    Herm Frazier 44.95

    Marc Raquil, French National Record Holder, 44.95

    this came from a list that has not been updated since the spring of 2001, and does include such folk as the aforementioned Mitch Potter

    too much typing, couldn't cut and paste


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      Re: How many all time US sub-45

      sorry, I meant does "NOT" include people like Mitch Potter


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        Re: How many all time US sub-45

        Speaking of Mitch Potter, is he the fastest white American ever?


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          Re: How many all time US sub-45

          three more hand timed folks

          Adolph Plummer 44.3 (44.6y-.3)
          Tommie Smith 44.5
          Steve Williams 44.9A (45.2y-.3)

          total count 65-70 +/- one or two


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            Re: How many all time US sub-45

            >Speaking of Mitch Potter, is he the fastest white
            >American ever?


            Kevin Little is faster