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    It's on live now on Youtube. Not a particularly elite meet, but at about 4:05 ET, Mary Cain will be running the 3000.
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    I am just browsing some of the results page, and my comments about PBs, etc. are based on information I see on IAAF profiles, all-time lists, etc.

    1. Laura Roesler (USA) 2:02.45
    I was happy to see her get a win -- I am a fan. I am aware she has run faster, but it's been a while since I have seen her in a 1st place finish.

    1. Ryan Sanchez (PUR) 1:45.73
    This is just off his 1:45.58 PB. I see that he is just 20yo, as of last month.

    w3000 -- some good results for several of the top competitors:
    1. Camille Buscomb (NZL) 8:45.97 PB (prev. 9:05.24; this makes her #3 NZL a-t performer, behind Kim Smith and Anne Audain -- inclusive of both indoor and outdoor marks)
    2. Elinor Purrier (USA) 8:46.43 PB (prev. 8:55.68i)
    3. Jessica O'Connell (CAN) 8:46.86 PB (prev. 8:51.37; #10 CAN a-t performer -- inclusive of both indoor and outdoor marks)
    4. Emily Sisson (USA) 8:49.61 PB (prev. 8:52.60i)
    5. Gen. LaCaze (AUS) 8:50.02 outdoor PB (prev. 8:52.28; has 8:45.81i; this makes her #6 a-t AUS outdoor performer)
    6. Sarah Pagano (USA) 8:56.53 PB (prev. 8:58.42)
    7. Andrea Seccafien (CAN) 8:58.70 PB (prev. 9:03.92)
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