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Amsterdam Marathon 2018


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  • Amsterdam Marathon 2018

    3 sub-2:05 men
    Lawrence Cherono 2:04:06
    Mule Wasihun 2:04:37
    Solomon Deksisa 2:04:40

    and for the women
    Tadelech Bekele 2:23:07
    Shasho Insermu 2:23:13
    Azmera Gebru 2:23:31

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    Kenenisa Bekele DNF after going through 40k @2:00:37.
    Meseret Defar 7th in 2:27:25 in her marathon debut.


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      Bekele would only have run 2:07 no wonder he quit...


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        Originally posted by Conor Dary View Post
        Bekele would only have run 2:07 no wonder he quit...
        I suppose in his mind 2:07:xx just ain't good enough these days, eh?

        What are the chances that, by next year's Berlin Marathon, Meseret Defar will break 2:20?


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          He ran until he seemed not able to do so. It did not look like he could do the last kilo in anything under 5-6 minutes. I do not know if he will retire but being described as in great condition etc., and not able to keep up as they approached 35km is telling and is now common for him. At this point he has never finished three marathons in a row. Apparently he did not get in to Marathon Majors (wanted to run Berlin); meet management do not want to pay for him to come and bomb out. His track WRs are from a very long time ago, and while his marathon PR of 2:03:03 (I think) is very good (now still the third best) it was a long time ago in Berlin, possibly before it was a WMM race.


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            Berlin was a WMM when he ran his 2:03:03, and it was a superb battle with Wilson Kipsang, who ran his PR (his former PR was the WR) to finish 2nd. But it is painful to see Bekele have so much trouble being consistent in the marathon, especially when he says he is in excellent condition.


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              Originally posted by Conor Dary View Post
              Bekele would only have run 2:07 no wonder he quit...
              He lost contact shortly after 30K. The 25-30K split had been the slowest of the race so far (15:09). The leaders then went 14:31 and 14:19. Bekele's same splits were 15:13 and 16:26.

              Bekele's marathons, with finishing place in parenthesis.

              1. Apr 2014. Paris. 2:05:04 (1)
              2. Oct 2014. Chicago. 2:05:51 (4)
              3. Jan 2015. Dubai. DNF
              4. Apr 2016. London. 2:06:36 (3)
              5. Sep 2016. Berlin. 2:03:03 (1) then #2 a.t.
              6. Jan 2017. Dubai. DNF
              7. Apr 2017. London. 2:05:57 (2)
              8. Sep 2017. Berlin. DNF
              9. Apr 2018. London. 2:08:53 (6)
              10. Oct 2018. Amsterdam. DNF

              The DNFs, with last split, how far behind the leader he was at that point, and when he stepped off (approximately ... hard to tell if I can't find a replay).

              Dubai '15. 31K (1:32:24) +0:30. ??? before 36K
              Dubai '17. Halfway (62:48) +1:14. shortly afterwards
              Berlin '17. 30k (1:28:24) +1:00. shortly afterwards
              Amsterdam '18. 40K (2:00:37) +2:49. 41K ??

              He was 2nd in London "just" 18 months ago, but results since then have been very poor, obviously. It seems doubtful to me that he can come back at this point. His (still no.3 performance all-time) 2:03:03 was nearly 2.5 years ago now. It's not so good that his second fastest marathon, after 10 attempts, is still his debut.

              I remember Wilson Kipsang having a string of bad races and DNFs, before coming back with a 2:03:13 in 2016 Berlin and 2:03:58 in 2017 Tokyo, but not sure his "slump" was as long as Bekele's at this point.


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                I am aware the burden of high expectations has always been shaping perceptions of what is possible for such a decorated athlete, but in retrospect, the first phase of his marathon career (2014-2016) looks very good: As is shown just above, 4 finishes in 5 starts, including 2 wins and one other podium finish, and a PB that was #2 a-t. But 2017-2018 is a very different picture, with 3 DNFs in 5 starts, and his slowest time/lowest finish among the two completed competitions. In these two years, he has (I think) run just 2 other races -- that by itself not peculiar -- but those performances were not bad. He won a 1:13:48 25km in December of 2017. I don't have a 25km a-t list at hand, but even though that's a rarely-raced distance, I think that is a high-quality mark. And this year he won a 10 miler, though in a slower time, 46:47.


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                  There was no way his 41st kilo was 2:49; since he was starting to walk, 3:49 was probably out of reach. I would not be surprised if the last 2.195k would have been over 9. He could not keep the pace when things picked up and it looks like he took the lead to keep someone else from doing so and quickening the tempo.


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                    Originally posted by Master Po View Post
                    ... And this year he won a 10 miler, though in a slower time, 46:47.
                    And to think, Kipchoge's marathon averaged 46:23 for each 10 miles.