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    Originally posted by scorpionking View Post
    Lyles has to be the most exciting athlete to watch on the pro circuit right now. You can always count on him to deliever more than just the racing!
    Lyles and Norman. They both were USOT finalists in the 200 in 2016 and now it is their time!


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      Originally posted by ATK View Post
      I've watched this 400h race a ton of times now. This is the 2nd time in a row where Benjamin ran extremely fast and was in contention the last 100 but the other runner just walked away from him.
      If you look at the photo that's featured on the home page, you may detect a teensy flaw in Rai's technique!


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        Originally posted by Atticus View Post
        If you look at the photo that's featured on the home page, you may detect a teensy flaw in Rai's technique!
        That was Rai's 10th hurdle when he took 14 steps and had to use his alternate leg. When he ran his 47.02 he ran 13 steps for all 10 hurdles. Samba is a much better alternate-leg hurdler and ran 14 steps for the last 3 hurdles in his 46.98 last year. Hopefully, Rai will improve his hurdling with his alternate leg so he can be more consistent and not run into the problems Kerron Clement always had.


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          Originally posted by Gabriella2 View Post
          To be fair to Thompson, she was clearly world number 1 over 100m in 2017, she just had that bizarre wobble in London as she came out of her drive phase, and ended up with no medal. She then got injured early in 2018 & missed the rest of the year. I just think if she trained normally and well over winter she would not have been beaten here.
          Her decision not to double in either 2015 or 2017 has cost her an individual gold medal as well. Crazy to think she 'only' has one World silver when she is the double Olympic Champion.
          I wonder if she will do the one event in Doha again.
          I've not seen footage of her 22.40 in Nanjing but that's a positive time and a step in the right direction.

          Her finish in 2017 was electric and if she's able to get the work in then I think she'll challenge again.

          Achilles injuries are a nightmare and take you out for a long time and impact a lot of the training that makes you fast. She's back in sprint spikes and hopefully she can remain healthy.


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            Shanghai always comes across badly on TV. Atmosphere dull.


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              Originally posted by Tuariki View Post
              SM is significantly faster over 100m and 200m (than Naser)
              No longer at 200, Naser has closed that gap, their PBs are now 22.39 SM and 22.56 Naser (today in Nanjing for SEN)

              This may be a very interesting year for the young Bahraini.


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                Originally posted by Dave View Post
                That was a heck of a m100 and we can count on years of this going forward.
                I sure hope so. With Lyles winning sometime and Coleman winning sometime. I hope one does not dominate the other one. Track and field needs rivalries. That is the one thing I miss about the good old days of track and field are the bitter rivalries. But alas, I digress.