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¶2019 wWC 10K: Sifan Hassan (Netherlands) 30:16.52 (WL)


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    Originally posted by OneWay View Post
    It's a fight between Hassan, SMU and Rojas. The IAAF has done SMU no favors by preventing her from doubling.
    Rojas would need to win with a big distance here. She was beaten in Zurich. Hasan has dominated.


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      Originally posted by Alan Shank View Post
      The "Race Analysis" files are really weird. For the 800s,
      I think you are too kind. I would classify them as a complete fucking shambles.

      It perfectly highlights the irresolvable confusion of the IAAF in relation to data. They have a reasonable idea but then half arse it because they don't have a sensible strategy.

      Who are the targets for the information and what would they want to do with it?

      The answer is coaches, sport scientists and stats analysts are the target, and they want to be able to put the data into a spreadsheet or other package and play with it.

      The IAAF solution for the use case? Fucking .pdf files in wierd formats with missing data!


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        Originally posted by dinamo View Post
        I really liked how Hassan didn't try and close the gaps too fast just reeled it back in. Gidey looks to have a bright future ahead of her.
        I think this is one of the biggest areas of improvement that she made since joining NOP. Only two years ago, she made a mad dash to glory in the backstretch of 1500 that cost her a medal.


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          Originally posted by Awsi Dooger View Post
          Zero suspense from the opening 5 steps. The women's 10,000 is a disgraceful race when Almaz Ayana is not present. She is the only one with the guts to push the pace. Today it would have been absolutely fascinating with a healthy Ayana out there. Obiri and Hassan would have been forced to go with her, debating throughout how close they needed to be, and whether Ayana could fully sustain.
          I wonder if Gidey may eventually follow in Ayana's shoes. She was the only one in the race who showed any true initiative in that kind of vein, and the spine to back it up and take the race by the scruff of the neck. Currently, she's still developing at age 21, and at her present level of fitness would not have been able to pull off the kind of sustained, Ayana-style "red line" drive from 5K to 8K out that it would take to force the hand of athletes like Hassan or Obiri early on. Of course, at Hassan's current level of fitness, even a completely fit Ayana might have failed.

          Gidey appears to have a significantly better kick than Ayana, but right now it's not on the level of an Obiri or Hassan, and might never be. With that in mind, I wonder if her behavior in this race could be a harbinger of things to come. Her move when she made it was blistering and she kept the pedal to the metal all the way to the finish, never second-guessing herself. I almost wondered whether Gidey might have in fact actually been taking a bit of a cue from Ayana here with her line-in-the-sand push from 4 laps out, but knew that would be the best she could do, for now.