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US men and women’s 2019 AOY


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    Originally posted by NotDutra5 View Post
    Are you leaving Kendricks out intentionally? He's the first male I thought of for AOY.
    Oversight due to muddleheadedness (allergies!) I did see that he lost to Nilsen once, but he has a great claim to AOY.


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      Originally posted by gm View Post
      Muhammad has a couple losses to McLaughlin
      DeAnna Price has one minor loss to Gwen Berry
      Lyles had that 200 loss to Norman
      Taylor had losses to Craddock and Claye

      Brazier has no losses to Americans
      Benjamin has no losses to Americans

      Gonna be an interesting process sorting out AOYs!
      Muhammad also finished behind Little in Zurich.


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        Originally posted by Grasshopper View Post
        From the USATF Selection Procedures:

        The key work is "competes". If Taylor was given the wild-card bye then he was considered to have competed, which means that it counts as either a win or loss. If he didn't compete then he shouldn't have been awarded the wild-card bye. Can't have one without the other, it's a package deal.
        Hell no, he did not lose to anyone in any way shape or form. When assessing his performance, the stepping over the line has no relevance at all. I would like to hear gh's comment on this but I would be stunned if most voters in the TF&News rankings think of it as a loss. For instance, it would be no different than if he had participated in another event and did the same thing. Do you think Claye thinks if it as beating Taylor, really?


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          Two world records in the two biggest meets of the year. The girl who beat her has second best time in history (Not Shamier, I know).
          How does she not win? I love Deanna and her joy, but not sure AR > WRx2

          Men's AOY - tougher. Sam's "team captain" that's for darn sure. But is his AR sexier than Brazier's? I kinda think so because it was against the WORLD. The TJ guys are badasses, but no "record" makes them less "sexy".

          Lyles' time in Doha was a let-down. And to me, that costs my vote.


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            The voting is 1 to 10, not pick one. Look at the annual issue where they have the AOY etc.


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              I see Muhammad as the clear favorite for women. While the men's choice is more difficult, I would put my vote for Kendricks. His event does not encourage relay competitions, and he dominated the world, showing grittiness when it most counted.

              I am quite interested in seeing where CT, NL and CC come out, as they had great years.


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                Originally posted by BCBaroo View Post
                Men's AOY - tougher. Sam's "team captain" that's for darn sure. But is his AR sexier than Brazier's? I kinda think so because it was against the WORLD.
                I think you have that backwards. Brazier's AR was in Doha against the WORLD; Kendricks set his AR at the USATF Championships in Des Moines.


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                  Originally posted by ATK View Post
                  They raced 4 times this season: Oslo, USAs, Zurich and Worlds. Their head to head is 2-2. So when you eliminate that, Muhammad won the 2 biggest meets, USA's and World's, as well as broke the WR 2 times. IMO there really is no competition for US AOY on the women's side.
                  I must agree with this.