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Kenyans in US colleges


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    Originally posted by KevinR View Post
    The situation in the 70's included runners a good decade older than most collegians at the time. I was a huge fan of the WKU Brits (Nick Rose, Tony Staynings, Swag Hartel). With the age issue aside, I think the international flavor will only help to keep our stable of home grown collegians better prepared for the next level.
    As an aside, Swag Hartel has 2 running shoe shops in Louisville. I was aware of this because he knows an athlete my mother used to coach. I grew up in the same town as him (a few years later).


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      I realized that the Brits were more along the same age, as I got to meet them at local races and once at the Mason-Dixon Games.

      I made a pilgrimage to Swag's first shop while still in Grad school after meeting him at a race in Lexington. After just introducing ourselves and congratulating him on a good race (several minutes ahead of my own.....), he invited me and my friends to warm down with him. It was so refreshing to have an athlete of that caliber show such a down to earth side. But that was the case with all of those Hilltopper Brits. A great group of guys.