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How many pts will win men's NCAAs?

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  • How many pts will win men's NCAAs?

    The meet appears to be wide open. Without looking at the formcharts, I'd guess 50 might be enough.

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    Re: How many pts will win men's NCAAs?

    Which meet, men's or women's?

    On the male side, you're probably right. I haven't checked all the men's results yet, but I know Arkansas lost some expected points in the hurdles.

    On the women's side, there haven't yet been any cracks in LSU's armor yet, and they look capable of scoring in the 60s. My Lady Longhorns need the Tigers to drop a baton or two. (Actually, I'd rather LSU lose points some other way -- I'd love it if the meet came down to the 4x4. That would be WILD.)
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