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Amazing Ostrava 1500


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  • Amazing Ostrava 1500

    What's the record for most milers in one race under 4:00? The Ostrava 1500 had the equivalent of 14:

    1   Chirchir Cornelius KEN 3:31.17    
    2   Chirchir William KEN 3:31.70    
    3   Heshko Ivan UKR 3:32.01    
    4   Kipchirchir Alex KEN 3:32.60    
    5   Lagat Bernard KEN 3:34.24    
    6   Shabunin Vyacheslav RUS 3:34.97    
    7   Whiteman Anthony GBR 3:36.40    
    8   Graczyk Zbigniew POL 3:37.09    
    9   Sneberger Michal CZE 3:37.10    
    10   Abdi Youcef AUS 3:37.18    
    11   Kipkurui Benjamin KEN 3:37.53    
    12   Müller Wolfram GER 3:37.77    
    13   East Michael GBR 3:38.91    
    14   Rono Robert KEN 3:39.85    
    15   Lelei David KEN 3:43.98    
    16   Bartunek Vladimir CZE 3:44.58    
       Korir Paul KEN DNF    
       Oravec Roman CZE DNF
    "Run fast and keep turning left."

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    Re: Amazing Ostrava 1500

    Actually, all the Ostrava results a pretty darn impressive. What a meet! Go to ... xtfile.txt
    "Run fast and keep turning left."


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      Re: Amazing Ostrava 1500

      >What's the record for most milers in one race
      >under 4:00? The Ostrava 1500 had the equivalent
      >of 14:

      Sheesh, when will y'all people finally stop to use the 4-minute mile is a benchmark. It's been 50 years since it was first broken, for cheese' sake. There are about 200 people in the world who break it every year (I'm talking about the 1500 equivalent). It's about as relevant a barrier nowadays as 10.40 at 100 meters or 25 ft. in the LJ.

      Can't answer your question precisely, but there certainly have been races with more than 15, and a lot faster than in this race. Try - in Monaco in 1998, the 15th guy ran 3:34.40, equivalent to around 3:51.4 on Hungarian lists. That's the sort of standard you have nowadays - leave 4-minute miles to HS kids.
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