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    For a small state (population only about 900,000), Montana athletes have had a great year in the 2002 XC and 2001 Track season so far.

    Zoe Nelson wins Foot Locker XC, then runs 10:32 (so far) in the 3200.
    Lyle Weese finishes top 20 in NCAA, runs 7:54 indooors and 8:47 in steeple so far.
    Seth Watkins finishes in top 20 in NCAA XC.
    MSU XC team finishes just out of top 10 at Nationals.
    Casey Jermyn finishes in top 50 in NCAA XC and runs 29:22 10K so far.
    Nicole Hunt finishes 2nd in women's 10K at Mt Sac
    Sabrina Monroe is back to running fast in her final year at U of Washington.
    Matt Winter is on USATF junior mountain running team.

    Pretty impressive stuff for a small rural state. Would seem to me that we may have one of the highest per capital levels of national caliber athletes.

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    Re: Big Sky Stars

    I found it interesting to apply the NCAA altitude allowance for Missoula to Zoe's performance, and the adjusted result was 10:25- the same as the (Nation-leading) winning time in Arcadia. I hope we get to see her run at one of the big national meets at season's end.


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      Re: Big Sky Stars

      I thought I should bump this one to the top, given the importance of the topic.


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        Re: Big Sky Stars

        I was born in big timber circa 53. how many of the afor mentioned are actually from montana?


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          Re: Big Sky Stars

          wow.... are we really closing in on two years that this Board has been up and running? Time sure flies when you have no life...