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Events that should be added


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  • Events that should be added

    Pentathlon (LJ,J,200,D,1500)- in HS & college. And more of them in Masters.

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    Re: Events that should be added

    Since "retro" is in, take a look at a few past USA championship events.
    Think of the possibilities of re-introducing the pole vault for distance.


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      Re: Events that should be added

      Bill Forsyth, writing about Events that should be added, suggested "Pentathlon (LJ,J,200,D,1500)in HS & college. ..."

      The pentathlon is a nice one-day "multi" event, recognized in the rulebooks of IAAF, NCAA, and USATF with the five events listed by Mr. Forsyth and conducted in the order he listed.

      It's also recognized by the high school federation's rulebook with one exception: the 1500m is replaced by 1600m. If one must tinker with the events, that may be the most appropriate because the fifth event of the original pentathlon millenia ago was wrestling rather than distance running.

      But, having twice served as director of the national pentathlon championship, I prefer the IAAF / NCAA / USATF model.

      James Fields


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        Re: Events that should be added

        The relays are my favorite event. Of all track meets held in the U.S., the Penn and Drake relays have the highest attendance. I would like to see more relays, particularly the 4 X 200 added to the National, World and Olympic championships.


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          Re: Events that should be added

          No events should be added. Track meets are too long already. We should be talking about which events to eliminate.