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    Re: Track on TV

    i agree nbc gets a B plus better than usual, ESPN 2 gets a C plus, CBS gets a D minus.
    unfortunately dan made that comment, perhaps what he meant was that some 800 guys did the 400 h do and vice versa (david patrick comes to mind)


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      Re: Track on TV

      >In regards to the lack of tv coverage, let me
      >point out that many times the lack is in large
      >part due to the availability of the television
      >facilities. I was at the US Nationals, and the
      >television trucks did not even arrive until
      >Friday morning, subsequently, no coverage of any
      >of Thursday's events was possible. It is not as
      >simple as hiring a couple of guys with cameras to
      >televise select events (I think the 10,000's were
      >the only finals on Thursday). An entire crew
      >must be made available, and the per day cost is
      >staggering. I think we must factor that into our
      >criticisms when we critique the coverage of these
      >meets. With a limited window for showing
      >"live" events, you want to show as many events
      >as possible, thus tv shows more short races than
      >distance races, and tend to show recaps of field
      >events since they can run the course of several
      >hours. The men's triple jump competition last
      >almost 2 1/2 hours. TV, obviously, has a long
      >way to go with their choice and style of
      >coverage, but one thing they have no control over
      >are the false starts, and thus, we viewers are
      >stuck with the picture until the runners get away

      Again, let me emphasize that I'm no expert about TV production. Suppose, though, that the producers looked at the schedule and saw that the 10K finals were scheduled for Thursday night, and sent one camera guy to record the event, from start to finish. Then, if the race turned out to be exciting, replay an edited version during the telecast. The commentators wouldn't have had to be present during the taping--- their comments could be added during the editing process.
      With home equipment like TIVO or similar products, recording and editing out dead time like false starts in the sprints would be simple even for techno-challenged guys like me.
      Actually, I thought that TV coverage of European meets last summer had improved a lot in the areas that I've mentioned. I think that, somehow, production values have slipped backwards since then.


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        Re: Track on TV

        Didn't see or tape NBC coverage on saturday. Was at the jr olympic state meet in Johnston,Iowa. Tape the NCAA meet which was okay. At the Jr Olympic state meet, one of my kids(age 9) high jumped a PR by over 3 inches to win the high jump. Her twin sister was 2nd in the shot and long jumped a PR by over 6 inches to place 6th. They take 6 kids to the regions so we are going. They will be in St. Paul, Minnesota July 10-13.