1) The powers that be have to look at themselves, for they have not done anything innovative to market this sport.

2) Us fans. That's right, us fans. We want our sport to be as hard core, stats, analysis and technique galore, without realising that TV has to reach a wider audience than just us. For example, I do think that the human interest shown during track events on TV is a little over the top. However, to totally cut that out from coverage is completely unrealistic. Besides, I have no problem looking at pieces about how someone overcame diversity to get to the Olympic level. Isn't adversity one of the factors (besides talent) that motivates those athletes?

We tend to think that our sport will sell out if we do a little somethin' somethin' for a little mainstream exposure. Just remember, The Super Bowl has all the glitz, glamour and all of the over the top halfime shows. But guess what? The hardcore football fans are still watching that game. Peace.