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3 track Vols into TN State HOF


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  • 3 track Vols into TN State HOF ... 04abv.html ... D=61538536

    Three Tennessee greats -- Darwin Bond, Richmond Flowers, and Ed Murphey -- are to be inducted into the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame. The HOF is located in Nashville, in the Gaylord Entertainment Center.

    Best I can tell, these are the first people into our state hall with U. of Tennessee track connections. What took so long? Already in are many of the great TSU Tigerbelles, including coach Ed Temple. Ralph Boston is also in. I didn't know he was from Tennessee.

    There are several other track-related inductees in this year's class, who can been seen at the above link.

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    Re: 3 track Vols into TN State HOF

    I read the nomination procedures and they say nothing about some percentage of the electees being natives of Tennessee. In which case, this is very peculiar that the first three U. Tennessee track people would be these. (It does say that you need to be retired three years, eliminating LoJo from consideration.)

    If I were picking, Flowers would fit, but not yet. Same with Bond, and he and Murphey would have fit if they needed some people to have gone to high school in the state. Otherwise not, or at least not yet.

    What other names can we come up with who are better than Flowers, Bond and Murphey? (Flowers had a 2nd and 3rd in NCAA 120H, Bond had a 2nd, 3rd and 4th in NCAA 440, Murphey was 6th in NCAA 1500 in '56).

    Here are some off the top of my head, most or all having been NCAA champions):
    Doug Brown
    Reggie Jones
    Willie Gault
    Jose Parrilla
    Sam Graddy
    Terry Scott
    Bill Skinner (they probably don't like him since Chuck Rohe threw him off the team for wearing his handlebar mustache)
    Willie Thomas
    Phil Olsen (maybe they don't like furrners)
    David Patrick

    Nice that they included Johnny Overton, certainly the most famous track athlete to die in WWI. But this statement, "Capable of becoming the world's first four-minute miler," is idiotic hype (or tripe).


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      Re: 3 track Vols into TN State HOF

      Agree 100% with your comments. Doug Brown should be in already. I don't think people understand how great he was. Also, why aren't Chuck Rohe and Stan Huntsman in? Or Terry Crawford or Benita Fitzgerald? I'm going to email this to Haywood Harris, our former SID and member of this class. He is a big track supporter and would have the clout to get some deserving people in. I just hope he doesn't recognize my screen name, which is also my email. I bug the living #### out of those people on various message boards. I'm sure Bill Webb and others would like a shot at me, too. ;-)

      I did note that Tom Pappas was the HOF's "Pro athlete of the year" last year. I didn't click on the others. May be other track people there.

      Justin Gatlin also was honored at a TSHOF banquet:

      Also, Flowers was NCAA indoor hurdles champ, as you all know better than me.


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        Re: 3 track Vols into TN State HOF

        Recent press release on the upcoming Tennessee HOF ceremony.