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  • training at 50

    so I'm 50, and I haven't run a marathon in 20 years, and now I find myself with enough free time to be able to do the mileage for one...

    i've contined to run, with 20-30 mileage weeks, but literally stopped racing because work demands made training properly too difficult...

    since april 2004, I've worked up to a schedule:

    1) MONDAY,TUESDAY,THURSDAY,FRIDAY -easy 30 minutes recovery type runs


    3) WEDNESDAY -15 minute warmup...15 minutes at 10k pace...10 minute cooldown 5 X 100 meters at 5 minute/mile pace 5 minute cooldown

    4) long sunday run, currently at 90 minutes, but will go up to 1:45 december until mid january --6 2 hours...

    planning on doing penn relays 20k in mid april..

    take my long run up to 2:15 till mid september..

    do philly half marathon...

    take long run up to 2:30 for 6 weeks...end of october...

    then do the Philly marathon end of november...

    so, with all the KNOWLEGEABLE folk here, is this a good approach?? am I missing anything??

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    Re: training at 50

    Mileage looks to low to me. Personally, I would be working up those 30 minute runs.


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      Re: training at 50

      thanks mjd for the input...

      i wanted the 30 minute stuff to be totally recovery...

      the long sunday run and the wednesday tempo run are fairly hard...

      my thought was these 30 minutes runs just aid my recovery, and I wanted to be relatively fresh for the two harder weekly runs....

      if I bump up the 30 minute ones to 45 minutes I was concerned my recovery for the harder ones would not have been adequate enough...

      given the past 20 years i was doing basically 30 minute runs mixed with a weekly 60 minute one, my concern was adding the harder tempo run with a longer long run was enough...


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        Re: training at 50

        would like to know your past marathon time? under what marathon conditions? now what is your ht./wt. & waist girth? this predicts % fat. you need to enter a 5K or 10K to note your fitness level now


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          Re: training at 50

          1982 when I was 28 I ran a 2:42 in the old phill marathon off 70 miles per week...

          right now 5'8" 165, which means I'll need to drop 10-15 lbs....

          my goal is to get a good base this winter, just building up my long run to 2 hours mid january and hold that till mid april, when I'll run the penn relay 20k...

          that was the fitness check indicator for me...

          then I'd up the long one to 2:15 during the summer and do the philly half marathon..

          and about 6 weeks of 2:30 long runs prior to the philly marathon next november...

          my hope is the wednesday tempo run will gradually lengthen over this period....

          right now the hard 2 miles in it is at about 6:30 pace...I would hope to be able to extend the hard 2 miles up to 3 and 4 and 5 as the months progressed..


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            Re: training at 50

            I suggest converting one of your 30 min runs to a 1 hour run during your basebuilding period. Be sure that your 30 min runs are VERY easy (2 minutes slower than 10k pace). If you're using a heart rate monitor (and easy days are the only real valid use), try to keep your rate under 75% of your max. Since you're aiming for a fall marathon, you don't need to start doing tempo or faster speed runs yet. You'll get a lot more by running for an hour or more through February.


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              Re: training at 50

              I have a very similar PR and training history but am a few years younger (44). I did a similar build-up a couple of years ago and have run 4 since then with my weekly mileage topping out in the mid 50s. I found that doing 2 runs on some days helped inrease my overall mileage in the early stages without hurting me.

              Email me if you want to talk more


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                Re: training at 50

                az, I like your schedule in concept but I would offer a couple of tweeks to consider.

                Trade your Saturday and Sunday routine, that way you have your rest day after your long run (Sat long run and Sun rest). I have been doing this and it really helps with feeling ready to go again on Monday. By doing this you can probably pick-up the distance on your Monday and Tuesday runs a little.

                I used a similar schedule and the key was to build up slowly.

                A sample schedule might look like this:

                Mon - Comfortable distance run
                Tue - Comfortable distance run
                Wed - Tempo run
                Thu - Comfortable distance run
                Fri - Comfortable distance run
                Sat - Long distance run
                Sun - Rest

                Your long run will be approx. 2 times your comfortable distance run and your tempo run is between your 10k and marathon race pace with a mile or so warm-up and cool-down.

                So at 50 miles per week you might look like this: comfortable distance runs at 7 miles and your long run is 14 miles and your tempo run is 4-5 miles @ 15-20k race pace + w-u and c-d.

                At 70 miles per week you would be at 10 miles for the comfortable distance runs and 20 miles for the long run and 7-8 miles tempo runs at slightly better than marathon race pace (i.e 25-30k pace).

                I did this and started out at 3 miles for my comfortable distance run and moved up 1 mile every two weeks (i.e 4 miles, 5 miles) until I hit 10 miles (70 per week) and then was ready for a good marathon effort. Of course survival can be done at less mileage and real racing will require more.

                Best of luck and let us know how it goes.


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                  Did we ever get an update on this?


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                    Gotta brag on my boy, Squack. He's over fifty and at least in his forties was one heck of a runner. Oh he's inane, but he could run (maybe still can?). Squack, give us your stellar input.


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                      Originally posted by MJD
                      Did we ever get an update on this?
                      I hope im wrong, but my fear is that at 50 years old, his mind wrote a check that his body couldnt cover.

                      Please lets us know how your doin.


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                        Originally posted by SQUACKEE
                        I hope im wrong, but my fear is that at 50 years old, his mind wrote a check that his body couldnt cover.
                        I'll have to remember that one.


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                          Originally posted by bekeselassie
                          Gotta brag on my boy, Squack. He's over fifty and at least in his forties was one heck of a runner. Oh he's inane, but he could run (maybe still can?). Squack, give us your stellar input.
                          Im still running at 52.9 years old. Born 6/17/53. Most of the runners i grew up with are not running anymore so im really lucky. In my 40's ran 16:33 5k- 1:16 half. Nobody told me at 50 a truck driven my father time would run me over. You have to be sooo careful as you get older to avoid injury.

                          But running now in my 50's is far more enjoyable than ever. Memories are great but you cant really live in the past. Every run i do now is the greatest run of my life because its happening in real time and you never know when father time is gonna run you over for good.

                          I still like to run allout which in the end may be my downfall. Kay sir rah sir rah


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                            I've almost recovered from my bout of laser tag nine days ago. I'm 33.


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                              Ive almost recovered from 13 miles over 5 days, im 52.9.