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Lebid and Yelling take Euro XC


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  • Lebid and Yelling take Euro XC

    I understand her win was the "Race Heard 'Round the World"

    [sorry :-p]

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    Re: Lebid and Yelling take Euro XC

    Yelling's was a fantastic and surprising win. I didn't see the men's race (no WAY was my sister going to allow me a full 45 minutes of TV time!) but I made sure to watch the women's race - mainly because I thought Pavey had an outside chance of a medal and that the (slightly depleted) GB women's team had a shot at a team medal. So as you can imagine, I was pretty shocked with the outcome Yelling winning(!!!), Pavey getting bronze, GB getting team silver.

    It was great seeing Yelling win, after she missed making the Olympics by just 0.14 in the 10,000m(!!). She ran 31:45.14 and so ended up with nothing to do for two weeks in Athens. I think this win more than compensates that fact.


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      Re: Lebid and Yelling take Euro XC

      The Women's race was wonderfully exciting with just two seconds covering the first four, while Lebid ran away from the Men's field on the last two laps. I'm surprised the women run 4,000 metres less than the men, which does contribute to a closer race, but it was good to see a 'real' cross country course in a championship event and I doubt Hayley Yelling would be disappointed at that. No doubt it'll be repeated on Eurosport tomorrow..........


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        Re: Lebid and Yelling take Euro XC

        Nice results table:
        Given the fact that there isn't much drama at the WCC [Kenya or Ethiopia] these Euros might be the most competitive team-races out there.


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          Re: Lebid and Yelling take Euro XC

          Indeed, some European countries don't even field full teams at World Cross anymore.

          Great run by Lebed. Watch for him to tear it up for the next couple of months on the Euro cross circuit. I don't have confirmation, but I'd guess he's running in Brussels next weekend as well as the Boclassic 10K road race in Bolazno, Italy, on New Year's Eve.

          I've also heard that a top young American distance runner will be running that road race. I should have confirmation soon.