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Bekele's Last Lap


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  • Bekele's Last Lap

    A few weeks back somebody made a post about that European Championships 10K race where even if Dave Bedford had sat out the first 24 laps and then jumped in and PRed for the 400 he would have finished same place (6th?) as he did anyway.

    After seeing that Bekele ran 52.6 in Switzerland yesterday in a 13:06 race I'm forced to ask a similar question. If all the guys from the USATF 5K final started the last lap in Lausanne fresh (with running start), how many (any?) would have been able to Bekele? In other words, is his kick better than their PR in the 400?

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    Re: Bekele's Last Lap

    Your point is well taken. I bet you're right. The previous 11-1/2 laps don't even matter. They could be fresh and most would probably still loose.

    Geb has definately taught him well. I didn't realize he had that kind of finish but apparently he is the real deal and will carry the torch for Ethiopia.