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  • MACRO?!?!?!

    Macro in the finals of Worlds? Just pay attention to the Canadian Championshps on July 18th to the 20th, and see if he even wins that.

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    Re: MACRO?!?!?!

    I don't see Macro in the Worlds final. However, isn't he the reigning Canadian champ? I don't see who will beat him. Pierre Browne & Anson Henry would be the likeliest candidates, but neither are running as fast as Macro of late.


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      Re: MACRO?!?!?!

      Macro needs a maximum effort to run a 10.3x .He would not make the Finals of the NCAA meet.


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        Re: MACRO?!?!?!

        >Macro needs a maximum effort to run a 10.3x .He
        >would not make the Finals of the NCAA meet.

        Macro's 2003 season:
        10.23 1.9 1r1 Alumni Gold Baton Rouge LA 12 Apr
        10.03A PB 0.0 1 Banamex Ciudad de México 3 May
        10.29 -2.2 2 FBKG Hengelo 1 Jun
        10.25 0.0 6 Gspike Ostrava 12 Jun
        10.15 0.0 3 Tsiklitiria Trikala 24 Jun
        10.17 0.0 2h1 Tsiklitiria Trikala 24 Jun
        10.34 -0.8 4rB Athletissima Lausanne 1 Jul
        10.33 0.0 6r1 Gaz Saint-Denis 4 Jul

        Be fair. Granted, his most recent races don't impress. His PB remains 10.03A, his sea-level PB is 10.15. You really think Macro wouldn't make the NCAA finals?!


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          Re: MACRO?!?!?!

          Macro is good for only on race per meet. Doesn't have the strength to handle rounds.


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            Re: MACRO?!?!?!

            Macro is steadly improving, but I also don't see him making the final of the 100 at worlds. There's just too much quality and experience there. True he beat Montgomery early, but Tim will be in form by mid August,trust me! Montgomery,Greene,Williams,Drummond,Chambers,Lewis-Francis,Campbell or Gardner,Aliu,Obikwelu,Da Silva,Fredericks,Collins,Omoledu,Patrick Johnson.I just think it's too tough for him this year.7 of the 8 lanes could possibly be Americans and Brits. That sets up a good relay race if both teams do what they are capable of.


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              Not Impressed

              Macro did win Canadian Nationals last year, but if you paid close attention, you would have seen that his stiffest competition (Anson Henry, Pierre Browne) were fresh off of the NCAA championships 2 weeks earlier. They were peaked for the NCAA Championships. His PR only improved to faster than theirs this season, with that 10.03a. ALTITUDE, and nobody is running fast that early, so Montgomery obvioiusly wasn't in good form. Anson and Pierre are still students though, whild Mac is training full time, so I guess he does have an advantage. Should be a good race though, we'll see.


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                Re: Not Impressed

                Macro doesn't have to buy his own shoes anymore.

       ... 32F459AE5B


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                  Re: MACRO?!?!?!

                  I used to be a Macro hater, but he ain't bad. He will be fun to watch, and in this slow year I would not be surprised in the least if he got into the final with a low 10.1


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                    Re: Not Impressed

                    >Macro doesn't have to buy his own shoes

                    A shining example of why Reebok is no longer a major player.


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                      Re: Not Impressed

                      Macro will run a sub 10 in one of the rounds
                      in Paris, just watch. He will make it at to the
                      finals but won't win. Watch out for him in Athens
                      next year. He needs to get a little stronger.


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                        Re: Not Impressed

                        The complete list of people who have broken 10 in the rounds at the World Champs:

                        Tim Montgomery
                        Maurice Greene
                        Mark Lewis-Francis
                        Bruny Surin
                        Ato Boldon
                        Frank Fredericks
                        Donovan Bailey
                        Andre Cason
                        Daniel Effiong
                        Linford Christie
                        Carl Lewis
                        Leroy Burrell
                        Dennis Mitchell

                        Somehow, I don't quite see Macro attaching his name to that kind of who's-who at this point.


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                          Re: Not Impressed

                          I predict that Nic will make the finals too. He
                          is getting ready to pop some really quick times.
                          I think he will finish 4th or 5th in the finals
                          at 100 meters in Paris. Not bad for a new kid
                          in his first Worlds. Just watch.


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                            Re: Not Impressed

                            No, he ran in Edmonton in '01, finished 7th in his quarterfinal race.


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                              Re: Not Impressed

                              Macro will be lucky to make the semis. Even with people like Gatlin missing, there are a lot of good sprinters out there. I don't think he's one of the top 16. If I had to choose yes or no, I'd say Macro doesn't make the semis.