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Fantasy 4x100 US mens team


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  • Fantasy 4x100 US mens team

    To any posters. Name your 4 representatives for a US 4x100 dream team. I would go Jon Drummond,Maurice Greene, Michael Johnson, and Carl Lewis in that order. Johnson was the best 200 man ever and he is better on the curve than long time #3 man Dennis Mitchell. I would have loved to see a race between the world record team of Mike Marsh,Leroy Burrell,Dennis Mitchell,and Carl Lewis (37.40 in 1992)vs. Jon Drummond,Maurice Greene,Michael Johnson,and Tim Montgomery. I'd have to go with the latter by about a step or two.

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    US 4x100m men

    Tommie Smith
    Calvin Smith
    Micheal Johnson
    Carl Lewis


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      Re: US 4x100m men

      I'm sorry, you have got to put Larry Black on the 3rd leg. What a terrific turn he could run !!


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        Re: US 4x100m men

        what about larry blacks cousin gerald tinker


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          Re: US 4x100m men

          What about Bob Hayes?


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            Re: US 4x100m men

            The problew with the 2003 version of the fantasy team there will three egos arguing who will bring in the baton- The reigning world record holder, the current US Champion, or the Defending World champion? The Time may not be as fast as it potentially could be if the ego don't step aside.
            Watch out for the Brits, Brazilians and the Nigerians the real teams.


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              Re: Fantasy 4x100 US mens team


              A team-USA

              leadoff-Jon Drummond
              second-Mo Greene
              third-Dennis Mitchell
              anchor-Carl Lewis

              B team

              leadoff-Mike Marsh
              second-Leroy Burrell
              third-Calvin Smith
              anchor-Tim Montgomery

              C team

              leadoff-Andre Cason
              second-Bernard Williams
              third-Jimmy Hines
              anchor-Bullet Bob Hayes

              D team

              leadoff-Herb Washington
              second-Charley Green
              third-Justin Gatlin
              anchor-Tommie Smith

              E team

              leadoff-Houston McTear
              second-John Carlos
              third-Harvey Glance
              anchor-Steve Williams

              F team

              leadoff-Mel Pender
              second-Tim Harden
              third-Larry Black
              anchor-Stanley Floyd

              G team

              leadoff-Ivory Crockett
              second-Steve Riddick
              third-Warren Edmonson
              anchor-James Sanford

              H team

              leadoff-Willie McGee
              second-Emmitt King
              third-Ron Brown
              anchor-Eddie Hart

              I team

              leadoff-Del Meriweather
              second-Coby Miller
              third-Lorenzo Daneils
              anchor-Reggie Jones

              J team

              leadoff-Larry Black
              second-Rey Robinson
              third-Paul Drayton
              anchor-Jeff Williams

              K team

              leadoff-Gerald Tinker
              second-Sam Graddy
              third-Marshall Dill
              anchor-George Anderson

              L team

              leadoff-Cliff Outlin
              second-Willie Deckard
              third-Floyd Heard
              anchor-Robert Taylor

              M team

              leadoff-Darel Newman
              second-Frank Budd
              third-Dick Stebbins

              All Canada

              leadoff-Ben Johnson
              third-Bruny Surin
              anchor-Donovan Bailey

              All Carib

              A team

              leadoff-Lennox Miller
              second-Ato Boldon
              third-Don Quarrie
              anchor-Raymond Stewart

              B team

              leadoff-Kim Collins
              second-Silvio Leonard
              third-Oba Thompson
              anchor-Hasley Crawford

              All European

              A team

              leadoff-Armin Hary
              second-Linford Christie
              third-Pietro Mennea
              anchor-Valery Borzov

              B team

              second-Allen Wells
              third-John Regis
              anchor-Dwain Chambers

              All African

              leadoff-Chidi Imoh
              second-Davidson Enzinwa
              third-Frankie Fredericks
              anchor-Olapade Adenikin

              All Portugese

              anchor-Francis Obikwelu