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  • Previewing Penn

    I admit I haven't studied entry lists and the like, but I'm interested in what some of you insiders are looking for at Penn ...

    Elite, college, prep ... with the stick or without ... What are some of the showdowns or key performers to look for?

    A few things off the top of my head:

    4x800: Several good teams, including Michigan's coming out party (so to speak)

    Kennedy: doing the 5 or the 10?

    Webb: Is he relaying or taking the week off?

    Elite relay teams: Who will be there and who won't?

    women's 4x4s: How fast can Texas (or others) go?

    Jamacian preps: Who to look for...

    Look forward to hearing from anyone/everyone

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    Re: Previewing Penn

    I'm interested in what some of you
    >insiders are looking for at Penn ...

    I'm looking for three days of beautiful weather, but I think I'm going to be very disappointed.


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      Re: Previewing Penn

      The whole Carnival will be a blast.
      I believe Kennedy will run a 13:21
      Gosh all thos good 4X8 teams
      and my favorite...the DMR
      I don't think NIKE will enter an open relay for the distance so Webb can run a leg or do they?
      The prep is always exciting with all the fast Texans, New Yorkers, Floridians and the Jamacians


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        Re: Previewing Penn

        I heard somewhere that Gatlin would be at Penn..... is this true ?


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          Re: Previewing Penn

          >women's 4x4s: How fast can Texas
          >(or others) go?

          Texas: new NCAA record, low 3:26. I predict 3:25 by season's end.
          "Run fast and keep turning left."