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Hoffa Explodes!!


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    Re: Hoffa Explodes!!

    >and we all know what he did later in the year.

    Yes. He tested positive.


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      Re: Hoffa Explodes!!

      >But I know there's a joke in your post somewhere...... ;-)

      You're right there. The first post i read was MJD's respnse to the 'edit for clarity'. I read through a bit and understood his point i.e. it merely made the fog thicker.


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        Re: Hoffa Explodes!!

        Ok, here's the deal:

        BigBlue86 said:

        "A lot of throwers have trouble during the indoor season. They have trouble with the indoor shot. The bigger circumfrence of it makes it a bit more difficult to grasp sometimes."

        To which Jon answered:

        "But Cantwell, the reigning World INDOOR Champ, has never seemed to have had any problems throwing indoors before."

        To which I replied:

        "This is what happens when a poster's [BigBlue86] knowledge of an event is limited to last week's ESPN broadcast"

        My point was in reference to BigBlue86's statement (and Jon's subsequent evaluation of it). What BigBlue86 was saying was simply (I was assuming) the same thing he had heard Dwight Stones talk about last week during the Shot Put competition.

        I really didn't think this would be that difficult to understand........


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          Re: Hoffa Explodes!!

          I'm sure that will clear that up to anyone who comes in late.


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            Re: Hoffa Explodes!!

            >My reaction to a "Hoffa Explodes" head? "Did he leave a big crater in the
            >end zone at the Meadowlands?"

            James Riddle(Please note)Hoffa would have had his 92nd birthday next week,13 Feb. He was killed at the request of Anthony(Tony Pro)Provenzana in or near Bloomfield Mich. in 1975. While many stories say his body was returned to N.J. to have the 'hit" confirmed,no real creedance is given to them. Most people familiar with the workings of the Gambino family say he never left the Detroit area andthat his body was put into a trash compactor at a 'connected 'bar in the area, not at the Machus Red Fox Rest in the mall where his last known phone call was made and the compacted remains were put out with the trash over the next few days.
            About 15 years ago a new fact got some play about some of his DNA beeing found in an underlings car trunk but as far as I know nothing went forward on that.
            Garry picked up on the Hoffa explodes but he just did not look in the correct state for the hole!!!!!
            Tom Hyland:
            "squack and wineturtle get it"


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              Re: Hoffa Explodes!!

              Originally posted by Jon
              >His 'burial' there is urban myth. He was a union boss that ran afoul of the
              >mob, who had him whacked and fitted with a cement coffin. It's akin to
              >'sleeping with the fishes' in the East River. Mess with the godfather and you
              >will meet a colorful demise.

              Cheers - saved me a google!
              More on this:

     ... 05,00.html


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                That link actually belongs at the end of THIS thread :-)

       ... 713#268713