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  • What is banned?

    There's been some discussion on this Board as to the meaning of the words "chemically or pharmacologically related compounds." Those words appear at the bottom of the lists of steroids and stimulants, which lists are part of what is sometimes referred to as the "banned list." But if you look at the banned list, you'll see that each category starts with the name of the category (the first is Anabolic Androgenic Steroids) after which are the letters e.g.

    What this suggests to me is that the list is not inclusive. If a substance is an Anobolic Androgenic Steroid, it's banned, whether or not it's specifically named on the list and whether or not it is chemically or pharmacologically related to a substances that is named on the last.

    I realize that this conclusion could be made more clear. But I think it's clear enough. The use of "e.g." after every category heading obviously is intended to mean that the list is only a list of examples, not a complete list of every possible substance in the category. It's the category itself that defines what is banned.

    So if THG is a steroid, and modafinil is a stimulant, those substances are banned, even though they have not previously been specifically named on the list.

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    Re: What is banned?

    One would expect that the list is non-inclusive and the "related substance" clause in place to prevent what has just happened: someone finding (or creating) and using a new compound which is not on the list. That is, it's a patch for the legal loophole of "Not on the list, not banned" (which I note many athletes, coaches, and fans are trying to claim).

    The very sad thing about this is that it is a clear comment on the morality of these individuals and the general state of cleanliness of the sport. "It's OK if it isn't on the list" is pretty much equivalent to "It's OK if you don't get caught" (particularly with designer steroids).


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      Re: What is banned?

      You need another way of thinking. Why the fuck 1) take pills you´re not sure if it´s banned or not; and 2) NOT DECLARE the pill as you´re supposed to do?
      if you agree to 1) and 2) you are an IDIOT and should never come back to the sport again. Right?


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        Re: What is banned?

        >The very sad thing about
        >this is that it is a clear comment on the
        >morality of these individuals and the general
        >state of cleanliness of the sport.>>

        Athletes are just like the general population, get used to it. From an AP story yesterday on cheating on taxes:

        <<Overall, the number of Americans who believe it's absolutely not acceptable at all to cheat on taxes has declined. Last year, 86 percent of Americans polled said it is not acceptable to cheat while paying income taxes. This year, the number dropped to 81 percent. >>

        So 1 in 5 Americans says it's acceptable to cheat on taxes. You think 20% of American athletes are dirty? (overseas nationals need not reply!)

        Cheating is cheating.