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Jearl Miles Clark ends silence on Marion Jones debacle


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    It would be a huge story if she just made the team.


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      Originally posted by AS
      When did she last race?
      Her last full season was 2004. According to Jalava's web site, she ran one indoor meet and one outdoors in 2005, and her birthday is in September, so she'll be practically 42 by the time of the Beijing Games.

      That's old, all right, but I wouldn't count her out. IIRC, at least some of her inactivity over the past two years has been due to maternity. And she ran under 1:59 when she was 35, 36, 37, and 38. Can she get back into that kind of shape? Who knows, but she has always been very competitive and if anyone can do this, she can (not to take anything away from that other quatrogenarian, Gail Devers).


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        Originally posted by runner2323
        Jearl Miles Clark should go nuts - she should go kick Jones' butt

        Although ... on second thought ... I love Clark and really don't want anything to happen to her and if Jones is still using her "flax seed oil" - then it really isn't gonna be pretty for Clark.
        I wouldn't worry about her. Her father-in-law is "Crazy" Joe Clark, a man I'd want on my side even at his advanced age:

        "Best known as the man who with the aid of a bullhorn, a baseball bat and the strength of his convictions, took a crime-infested, drug ridden, inner-city high school and transformed it into an institution filled with serious learning and immeasurable pride."


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          true, I got the video of the movie somewhere. that´s a no-nonsense guy for real