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Balco on the Newshour


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  • Balco on the Newshour

    Buster Olney was on the Newshour during their piece on the "steroid season". He made a few shocking statements. The interview isn't online at PBS(at least yet) but here is an article he wrote on the matter: ... id=1759757

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    Re: Balco on the Newshour

    It's online now:

    "BUSTER OLNEY: No question. And suddenly the bodies look like they have helium in them, the upper bodies, the foreheads squared off, you hear stories about how players capsizes are changing after they turn 30 years old. I walked up to a player last spring, and I could not believe the difference in him physically, and I thought he was embarrassed. He would never acknowledge to me that he used steroids, but you could see it in his eye, he was in a position where he felt like he needed to take this to keep up with other players who were using and it was unbelievable to see the difference in his arms, shoulders and in his forehead." ... 04-05.html