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Collustrum ???


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  • Collustrum ???

    The THG crisis has embarassed athletics, and raised challenging legal questions.

    Here is a story ( ... transcript) from a science show bragging how Australian researchers have found that collustrum, from cows, had very beneficial effects on swimmers performance.

    The researchers and coaches believe it to be legal at least until someone proves how it works and/or that it contains an illegal drug.

    That's almost like saying ignorance is a defence.

    For THG, nobody is willing to buy the ignorance defence. Similarly for other banned dietary supplements.

    So should the Aussie swimmers, and any other athletes taking it, get away with it ?

    How far should the banning of performance enhancing substances go ?

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    Re: Collustrum ???

    Whole thing reads like an infomercial to me; somebody trying to make a quick buck off a "new miracle discovery"


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      Re: Collustrum ???

      >Whole thing reads like an infomercial to me; somebody trying to make a quick
      >buck off a "new miracle discovery"

      Yeah, that would be milk:


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        Re: Collustrum ???

        Spelled colostrum, it's not just milk, but very special neo-natal milk.

        Webster's says:
        co·los·trum : milk secreted for a few days after parturition and characterized by high protein and antibody content.

        Colostrum jump-starts body processes in newborn mammals. It provides digestive bacteria along with antibodies and protein. Probably full of hormones, too.