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Balco and White on PBS


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  • Balco and White on PBS

    Anyone west of the eastern time zone can catch about a ten minute piece on the Newshour where they talk about how they will get other athletes among other things. The transcript will be available in 24 hours or so here:

    Here is the teaser on the site:

    "Drugs in Sports
    Sprinter Kelli White, who won the 100 and 200 meter races at the World Track and Field Championships last summer, was banned from the sport for two years yesterday after she admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs. Jeffrey Brown discusses the widening investigation into steroids in sports with New York Times sportswriter Liz Robbins and Dr. Gary Wadler, a drug-policy adviser for the White House and the NBA."

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    Re: Balco and White on PBS

    Now that the women's 100-200 champ from last year has 'fessed up and walked the plank, can thatr sweet young thing from Thousand Oakswho won five medals at Sydney (including a pair of golds!) and her significant other (now what's his name again?) be far behind?

    Oh, I forgot, as Maid Marion has always been wont to loudly proclaim, "Weain't doin' any drugs."


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      Re: Balco and White on PBS

      I think we are going to find out about her innocence or guilt very soon. See my most recent topic on this board.

      I saw the PBS piece, and thought it was pretty largely a waste of time. The person delivering the report gave the impression that she'd spent maybe an hour investigating this issue, at best.

      I've been reading about this scandal right from the beginning, regularly. The reporter's knowledge of this issue isn't even close to what this average joe blow knows.

      If she'd really been following this story, she could have easily delivered five times the information in the amount of time she had on NewsHour.


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        Re: Balco and White on PBS

        The reporter's knowledge of this issue isn't even close to what this
        >average joe blow knows.

        That, of course, is ridiculous and dead wrong. Maybe the average joe blow who frequents these boards knows more but that is it. I don't think joe average has ever used the term "non analytical positve" in a conversation over the water cooler.