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NY Times asserts NBC "can go elsewhere" if scandal widens...


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  • NY Times asserts NBC "can go elsewhere" if scandal widens... ... ner=GOOGLE

    Typical of "the Olympic network" that they would be so gutless as to cut the amount of track and field coverage if dirty athletes can't compete.

    Why on earth would anyone want to watch a fair competition? I seriously doubt that we will get a single minute of live coverage anyway, since most of the major event finals will be occurring in the early afternoon in the east, and latter morning hours in the west. NBC wouldn't want to threaten their primetime bonanza with breaking news.

    This is going to be like the Sydney Games, I will know all of the results before I see them on TV. And instead of non-stop events we will get endless commercials and seemingly endless athlete profiles geared toward cultivating the teary-eyed non-sports crowd.

    There's no need to satisfy the core constituencies when there are five times as many people to lure away from Everyone Loves Raymond and The Batchelor.

    NBC makes me ill. I watched a few minutes of their evening news last night and couldn't take another minute. I'm not interested in the on-air ongoing autopsy of a living corpse of a network.

    Once the American big three were the most powerful news forces on the planet. Now they are just yesterday's new.

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    Re: NY Times asserts NBC

    Let's face it...the hard core people such as ourselves won't be satisfied with anything short of another "triple cast", where we see it all. And our Canadian friends will be gloating about their fantastic coverage.

    US track and field has few marquee names anyway and Kelli White certainly was not one. Some may disagree, but neither is Tim Montgomery. Hell, most Americans have heard of hardly any of them. Regardless, come August, those of us in the US will all be bitching and moaning about the terrible TV coverage (as usual). And hopefully, there won't be any terrorist drama which takes center stage.


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      Re: NY Times asserts NBC

      I think the witchhunt, snooping up athletes bodies is cowardly and gutless. NBC knows what sells. Imagine if the producers of the Terminator movies chunked Arnold for using steroids. That would have been financial suicide. They know that Arnold's fans could care less.