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  • Montgomery?

    A friend had told me that the IOC had
    asked Tim Montgomery to "step forward" ???

    He said he had read it somwhere...supposedly
    they had suspicions about him and drugs but
    his lawyer said to say nothing as he said the
    IOC had "nothing" on him.

    This is very unreliable I know but I was just
    wondering if anyone knew of anything about this,
    or if it is just BS...

    BTW... I saw Tim's world record run...he ran well,
    but I was sure that he false started marginally
    and was surprised when nobody else caught it?


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    Re: Montgomery?

    I wouldn't even worry about it anymore. They got him. It's just not official yet. Tune into the NCAA Championships and enjoy some athletes that are working hard to get to where the Professionals are now. It's all pure passion for the sport, and a constant struggle to get to Olympic glory and financial stability.


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      Re: Montgomery?

      What did they get him for? Which drug? Will he keep his record?


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        Re: Montgomery?

        So are you saying they got evidence against him but just haven't announced anything? I doubt such a big fuss would have been made with just Conte's letters as evidence.


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          Re: Montgomery?

          See ... sp?forum=6

          I'll also be moving this thread there shortly.

          Also, highlighted on the front page is another link-
 ... ner=GOOGLE


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            Re: Montgomery?

            There was so much evidence against Kelli White that she did not have a choice. She had to confess. I'm not saying that they officially got him, I'm just saying that I think he is in the same situation as Kelli.