<<I have been a huge fan of your magazine for many years and try not to miss
an issue. I have also been a fan of your website as I believe that it is a
necessary and absolutely welcomed source of top class information. Here is
the problem, I have noticed in the past several weeks on your message
boards, a level of mean-spiritedness creeping in with quite an alarming
number of posts: accusations, deragtory and obnoxious comments, rumor
mongering etc. this is alarming. Fortunately we have not decended to the
level of other forums (such as letsrun.com) and i am hoping we don't. Os
there anyway to reign in this disturbing trend that we are seeing. I would
hate to have to start staying away. On the other hand congrats on the
excellent service you provide, and to all those who make things possible and
keep us informed, keep on running.>>

Response: the reader is right, and we have had to be more vigilant, even if it hasn't been apparent (along that line, we think we just removed one of the major recent sources of agida). Just need to remember that we're living in troubled times and off-track occurrences (can you say BALCO fallout) are providing lots of ammunition for the lunatic fringe. But a certain amount of distress we're all going to have to put up with.

(I've posted this to both the Current & THG boards) (Historical people are a nicer kind of folk :-)