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Old Sports Illustrated covers now online


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  • Old Sports Illustrated covers now online

    Sports Illustrated, celebrating their 50th anniversary, has
    provided an online database (with search engine) of every cover they've ever printed. You can find it at:

    I found it fascinating searching for (and finding) SI covers with
    Roger Bannister, John Landy, Herb Elliott, Valeri Brumel, Bobby Morrow, Perry O'Brien, Rafer Johnson, Jim Beatty, Dyrol Burleson, Michel Jazy, Dwight Stones, Steve Prefontaine, Bruce Jenner, Mary Decker, Frank Shorter, Sebastian Coe, Jim Ryun (several), and Carl Lewis (many).

    Interesting, that a few greats never made the cover, e.g., Bob Hayes, Al Oerter.

    Searching for "Penn Relays" brings up a good 1955 cover.

    They have a special link to all the Olympic covers.

    Can someone tell me which running event the artwork on their December 10, 1956 "Olympic Results" cover is supposed to represent? Looks like five white guys coming off the final curve in an 800 ...with the two leaders way out in lane 5 ??!

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    Re: Old Sports Illustrated covers now online

    Oops. (Typo) Make that Parry O'Brien.

    Two good covers of him.


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      Re: Old Sports Illustrated covers now online ... /0314.html

      Add Richmond Flowers to that list. Although he appears to be cheating in that photo. Look at him trying to unscrew his opponent's cleat! ;-)


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        Re: Old Sports Illustrated covers now online

        For those who might never have noticed, if you go into "Archive" on our home page you can find all the T&FN covers since 1964. We'll eventually have them all up there, and way-eventually they'll be data-based like the SI ones. For now, afraid you'll just have to cruise them manually.


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          Re: Old Sports Illustrated covers now online

          about 9 years ago Sports Illustrated put out a special leaflet that showed ALL their covers from 1954 to the then present. Having nothing better to do, I swent through them all, noting, by year, each and every Track-related one. I then wrote a Letter to the Editor of dear old Track & Field News of my findings, and you guys even printed it!