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    Re: News from RW Online

    There was a TV movie back in 1988 called "The Four Minute Mile" on the same subject. I didn't think it was too bad at all. Bannister, Landy, Santee, Stampfl, Chataway, Brasher, and Norris McWhirter were included. I especially liked the characterization of one Percy Cerutty.

    I would hope that the new film stays historically accurate while somehow managing to interest the casual fan. Most track-themed movies have turned out to be box office flops. I remember that when I saw the first Prefontaine film, I was the only one in the entire theatre. And it only played in the larger cities.

    (Being a horse owner, I'm looking forward to "Seabiscuit"; my wife read the book, which SI ranked in its top ten sports books).

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    News from RW Online

    Not sure if this belongs under "Historical" or Current events", from RW Online:

    A book about the historical quest for the four-minute mile on three continents, "The Perfect Mile," has been in the works at Houghton Mifflin for months now. New York-based writer Neal Bascomb will deliver his manuscript in September for a planned May 2004 release date to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the first sub four-minute mile. "It was the epic sporting achievement of the 20th Century," says Bascomb. "The book deals with the men and their motivations to achieve that goal."

    Three men--Wes Santee of Kansas; John Landy of Australia, and Roger Bannister of Great Britain--competed for that goal. Bannister won "the race," clocking 3:59.4 at his college track in Oxford, England. Landy went on to break four minutes several times. Santee, however, never cracked the barrier.

    "The book is a result of in-depth interviews with the principals and their closest friends at the time, plus newly uncovered archival material," says Bascomb. "My goal is to tell the whole story."

    Bascomb, a former press editor at St. Martin's, also wrote "Higher," which will be published by Doubleday this October. It is about the historic race to build the highest skyscraper in Manhattan (the Chrysler Building and The Empire State Building).

    On Wednesday "Daily Variety" Magazine announced that Spyglass Entertainment, along with Universal Studios and Kennedy-Marshall had optioned "The Perfect Mile" for a movie. It is the same team that's bringing the horse-racing movie "Seabiscuit" to the silver screen this month. Frank Marshall, a long-time marathon runner and member of the U.S. Olympic committee, will direct "The Perfect Mile." Marshall was second unit director on "Raiders of the Lost Ark," and "Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom" and also directed "Arachniphobia," and produced "The Sixth Sense." Bruce McKenna, an Emmy winner for his work on the HBO series "Band of Brothers," is writing the screenplay.