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“Memories from another Era”.


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  • “Memories from another Era”.

    I was just last night looking thru some of my old T&F News’ from 1974 (I was born in 72, so hence I call them old) and was thinking that you guys should re run some of your old stories. You could entitle this section “Memories from another Era”. Interviews with people like Wottle, Snell, Wolhuter, Bayi, Jipco, Ryun, Fulton (OK OK they are all milers) Evans, Smith, James, Pre, Shorter, Brown and the list goes on.
    I haven’t copy written the title yet so you can have it for free.

    At least it will keep the Gabe haters of your back for a while.

    Food for thought.



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    Re: “Memories from another Era”.

    I agree. There was positive mention on this board recently about the Henry Rono article from a few months ago.

    I wouldn't just reprint the articles, but do something along the lines of the Rono article, with anecdotes and updates. I just wish that we could all afford a few more pages in each issue.


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      Re: “Memories from another Era”.

      As the years go by, more and more of T&FN subscribers will have e-mail access. As it is, I can't imagine there are any subscribers under 40 who want eTN and aren't getting it. Eventually a rehash of things we already know will be a much smaller portion of the magazine.

      When ESPN launched its magazine, their idea was to avoid doing in print what SportsCenter does on the air, and instead concentrate on analysis, humor, and feature articles. It doesn't seem unreasonable that other sports magazines will soon follow suit, using their website instead of television. Speaking of ESPN Magazine, they did their track article for the year this week by putting Stacy Dragila "In the Crosshairs". They haven't given track more than one page in three years, and this is literally the fourth time in those three years that they've even mentioned the sport.