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  • Jesse Owens

    Owens might have bin a factor already in 1932.
    Shortly before the US final olympic tryouts (where he was not present ?) he ran 10,3 at the preliminary olympic trials in Cleveland.
    Anybody who knows ho was second and third.
    Then after the olympic games, again in cleveland - august 21 - he won a race timed in 9,6. Salviati of Italy was third in 9,8, but who was second ?
    Ifanybody has the information I'm also interested in who was second in the following 1936 races:
    Ohio relays, Columbus May 2 ; 1. Owens 9,4w
    Notre Dame, May 9 ; 1. Owens 9,5
    Madison, May 16 ; 1. Owens 9,3w !!
    Praha, August 11 ; 1. Owens 10,7

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    Re: Jesse Owens

    Give me a week, and I'll have a definitive answer. If it's track and it happened in Ohio, Craig Whitmore will know.


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      Re: Jesse Owens

      You have you're week. Looking forward to it !!



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        Re: Jesse Owens

        j squire,
        Can you get me results of how many girls state xc champs Hillard Davidson, Turpin, and Colerain have each won, or a site with this info.?
        Hi to Craig Whitmore.
        [email protected]


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          Re: Jesse Owens

          OK, now I have two jobs to work on.

          If you have a state XC program, all past champions are listed. My website currently does not have that info, but I suppose it's about time I got it up there.


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            Re: Jesse Owens

            jsquire, I talked to Craig yesterday and got the stats. thanks.