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US Men's 4x100m relay - 1960 Rome Olympics


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    Re: US Men's 4x100m relay - 1960 Rome Olympics

    I certainly hope Dave Sime could round the bases in 18 seconds. Even that would qualify him as a slug.

    The best time I'm aware of was by White Sox outfielder Evar Swanson, who ran 13.3 in 1932. I suspect this was not in baseball uniform, although I don't know. And in the back of mind is a little bell ringing "13.2", but I don't know who might have done that--possibly a track athlete.

    After the 1908 World Series, the Tigers played an exhibition rematch game against the Cubs in Chicago. Before the game, Ty Cobb won three separate sprint competitions: home to first with a drag bunt, rounding the bases, and a 100-yard dash. (Some of the other contestants were Hall-of-Famers Johnny Evers and Three Finger Brown.)

    I don't remember the time in the home-to-first (Mickey Mantle was timed once at 3.1 in the days when he could still run). Cobb's round the bases time was 13 4/5, and his 100y was 10 2/5.

    All three events were contested before the game, and I think were run in the sequence I've mentioned, so Cobb might have been tired by the time he ran the 100y.

    As for Sime, at one time he was reputed to have the fastest 100y time ever while wearing full baseball uniform and spikes, and (I think) running on grass. His time was 9.8, although I don't know when that was run--certainly after he retired from track if there was any apearance fee involved.