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    I can't ever go under an overpass that has its height marked without thinking a pole vault mark.
    repeating a comment from a few years ago, I do the same thing with suspended "clearance" signs going into parking garages, thinking of the HJ of course ! Do other HJ geeks do the same ? I bet they do.


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      Originally posted by gh
      The ultimate expression of geekdom is when you do an underpass that's marked in both metric and english and you take issue with the conversion factor they've used. "Hey, that 5.00m sign says 16'5"---that's a long jump conversion, they should be using the PV conversion of 16'4 3/4" !"
      Why is it? My calculation indicates 16' 4.85''. Why not 16'4' 3/4 in both cases?
      "A beautiful theory killed by an ugly fact."
      by Thomas Henry Huxley


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        Oh no, do we have to go through that explanation again?! You're talking about pure mathematical conversion; we're talking about the kind of conversions one uses in track, which require the introduction of some probablility, and becaues of teh different measuring methods in horizontal and vertical jumps, the probability alogorithms are slightly different.