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When did the world pay attention to junior times?


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  • When did the world pay attention to junior times?

    I recall the world junior championships starting around 88'. But were junior times kept accurately prior to the world meet?

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    The first World Junior Championships were in 1986, in Athens.


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      ATFS was publishing Junior lists at least as far back as the '70s (don't have reference clearly at hand).

      Just off the top of my head, the U.S. Junior Championshisp became a proper age-based meet (as opposed to a junior being somebody who hadn't won a Senior title--or was it just competed in the Senior meet?) around 1973. The first year or two it was based on age at time f meet as I recall, then they went with "proper" international definition.

      As I recall, Track Newsletter first carried Junior lists (compiled by Jack Pfeifer?) in the mid-'70s.


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        What about the controversy of foreign 20 somethings being juniors has this been around since the worlds began? :wink:


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          Junior lists (European) started appearing in the ATFS Annuals in the 1960 edition of the Annual (covering 1959), and World junior lists appeared from 1961. A junior all-time lsist appeared around 1961 in a booklet prepared by Stan Tomlin, but it was the Czech group of statisticians who expanded the area, with annual lists prepared from the 1970's onwards by Milan Skocovsky [and Milan is still at it, 30 years on]. In the US Jack Shepard has been doing great work with his HS lists for 30 years (with Mike Kennedy doing girls list for 20+ of those years)