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    Happy birthday today (Monday) to an Olympic champion who was born 80 years ago today and was the first athlete to win a certain event for a certain country.

    Our birthday athlete was not born in Asia, North America, South America, or Australia.

    Can you name this person?

    Please do.

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    Here's my reasoning - born in 1940 so most likely won in 1964 or 1968. You didn't say anything about forgetting the hurdles so it must be a hurdle event. Has to have been born in Europe.

    1964 - Hayes Jones, Rex Cawley are out as USA has won those plenty by then. Karin Balzer in women's 80 hurdles is a possibility. But it could also be the multis, so Willi Holdorf or Irina Press. Both were the first from their country to win that event although Press won the pentathlon in its inaugural Olympic appearance.

    1968 - Willie Davenport is out. Dave Hemery is out as Lord Burghley won the 400IH before him. Maureen Caird on the 80 hurdles, but Australia so she is out. Bill Toomey is out as USA in decathlon. Can't remember who won the women's pentathlon.

    So I've narrowed it down to Willi Holdorf, Karin Balzer, or Irina Press


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      Very good, bambam1729. You did a very good job of narrowing it down to those three athletes.


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        I am nearly certain that Irina Press is older.
        "A beautiful theory killed by an ugly fact."
        by Thomas Henry Huxley


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          Irina Press was born before our birthday athlete and Irina Press has been dead for about 16 years. Our birthday athlete is the youngest of the three athletes that bambam1729 named and our birthday person is still alive.


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            Go ahead and make a 50 % guess, bambam, you have earned the privilege of doing so.


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              Well, I've looked it up now, so I can't guess