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    Happy birthday today (Sunday) to two Olympic champions with a combined age of 116 years.

    One of our birthday athletes was born on a Sunday 67 years ago today while the other person won four World Championship gold medals.

    Both athletes competed in a total of five Olympic Games and won a total of two Olympic gold medals and won those two gold medals on the same continent.

    Did I tell you that the younger of the two champions was born on a Monday, won Olympic gold on a Monday, and won three World Indoor gold medals?

    These two people did not compete in the same Olympics and were not born on the same continent.

    You might like to know that one of our birthday athletes won an Olympic bronze medal.

    It is true that one of our champions won that Olympic gold medal in the same country in which this athlete was born.

    I'm willing to bet that you know both birthday champions for this first Sunday of March.

    Go ahead and prove me wrong.

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    AJ and the absence of your no-hurdles clue leads me to guess Allen Johnson for the younger one.


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      RD could be Rolf Danneberg.
      "A beautiful theory killed by an ugly fact."
      by Thomas Henry Huxley


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        Happy birthday (49) today to Allen Johnson and very good, tandfman. Also, happy birthday (67) today to Rolf Danneberg. Nice going, Pego. Danneberg had his 18th birthday when Allen Johnson was born. Both Danneberg and Johnson won Olympic gold medals in the United States. Danneberg won the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic men's discus on the second Friday of August. Of course he got a lot of "help" from the Soviet Union boycott of the Los Angeles Olympics. Four years later in Seoul, he took the Olympic bronze medal in the discus.

        Allen Johnson competed in three Olympic Games (1996, 2000, and 2004). His only Olympic medal was gold and he won that in Atlanta, not too far from yesterday's Olympic marathon trials site. Johnson had an amazing hurdling career winning four World Championship gold medals and three World Indoor gold medals. I believe, had he not been injured in 2000, that Johnson would have definitely won an Olympic medal in Sydney (some believe gold). As it was, he took fourth place in the Sydney Olympic Games.

        Thank you tandfman and Pego. Both of you took the gold today.