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Pressure Brings Athletic Problems


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  • Pressure Brings Athletic Problems

    Happy birthday today (Sunday) to two Olympic champions with a combined age today of 168 years.

    One of our birthday athletes was 12 years old when the other person was born.

    Both people competed in the same Olympic Games and for one of them that was their only Olympic Games.

    These two individuals were born approximately 1,554 miles (2,500 km) from each other.

    They won a total of two Olympic gold medals and one Olympic silver medal at a total of four Olympic Games.

    No hurdles were involved in any of these Olympic medals.

    The older of the two athletes was born on the 8th and won Olympic gold on the 8th, but different months.

    You may already know that one of our birthday athletes set a world record in winning that Olympic gold medal.

    Just a little over six years ago and five days before Christmas, one of our two athletes died at the age of 83.

    I bet you know both birthday people.

    Go ahead and name them on this day when Daylight Savings begins for some of you.

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    Hmm, born 1930 and 1942. The Olympic games on which both competed might have been 1960. I think 10,000 m was won by Piotr Bolotnikov there, so perhaps one of them is him.


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      Good start. Misled myself at first, then realized younger athlete won gold in Tokyo. Ann Packer (with silver also).


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        Happy 78th birthday today (Sunday) to Ann Packer, winner of the Tokyo (1964) women's 800. Yes, she also took the silver medal in the 400 just three days before winning that Olympic 800 in Japan. Pyotr Bolotnikov was born today some 90 years ago and yes, he did win the Rome (1960) 10,000. Very good, Olli. Nice work, catson52, you got Ann Packer who was only 22 when she won the gold and silver medals in Tokyo. Bolotnikov was 30 when he won his gold medal it Italy. Bolotnikov ran the 5,000 and the 10,000 in Melbourne (1956) and ran only the 10,000 in Rome and in Tokyo (where he placed 25th).


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          Originally posted by catson52 View Post
          Good start. Misled myself at first, then realized younger athlete won gold in Tokyo. Ann Packer (with silver also).
          Yes, it turned out I was wrong in supposing that the 1960 Olympics were the ones in which both participated.