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    Happy birthday today (Saturday) to an Olympic champion who was born 119 years ago today and won two Olympic medals on a Wednesday.

    This champion died at the age of 76 on Edwin Moses's 22nd birthday and won Olympic medals in two European cities.

    Our birthday athlete competed in two events at two Olympic Games.

    You can find the name of an Olympic city in our birthday person's name.

    Name this Olympic champion who also won an Olympic silver medal.

    If I told you that this birthday athlete's initials match the initials of this person's country, I might give you the answer.

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    I looked it up. Salute to the one who gets it.
    "A beautiful theory killed by an ugly fact."
    by Thomas Henry Huxley


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      Born 1901, probably medalled in 1924 and 1928, probably in the hurdles (since they are not mentioned). If the country has "initials," it might be South Africa; I have a faint recollection that there was a South African hurdler, but this is a faint recollection and I don't remember his name. Based on the clues, the first name might be Sydney, even though I might be completely on the wrong track. But to continue on guessing, something like Sydney Atkins; haha, I guess this is a far cry


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        I looked it up now. It seems I did indeed have a faint recollection of the last name, too. But not quite correct, nevertheless.


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          Olli, that's some good detective work. You got the right country, the correct event (hurdles), the right two Olympics, and the right first name (Sydney). All you needed was two more letters on that last name.


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            Sydney Atkinson? Using Olli's help only.


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              Very good, mcgato and thank you, Olli. Sydney Atkinson was born 119 years ago today and competed in the Paris Olympics of 1924 where he took the silver medal in the 110 hurdles. Four years later in Amsterdam, Atkinson turned that silver into gold, winning the 110 hurdles in 1928. He also ran the 100 in Amsterdam, but did not make the final. Of course you know, thanks to Olli, that Sydney Atkinson was from South Africa.