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2002 Best Picture of the Year


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  • 2002 Best Picture of the Year

    Happy birthday today (Monday) to an Olympic champion who was born 138 years ago and died about two weeks before turning 71.

    This athlete competed in three Olympic Games and won four Olympic gold medals and two Olympic silver medals.

    After the last of those three Olympics, this person moved to another country and competed for that new country.

    I can tell you that this champion's last name is very appropriate for this athlete's Olympic events.

    Chester Alan Arthur was president of the United States when this mystery athlete was born and Dwight David Eisenhower was president when this individual died.

    Our birthday athlete's first Olympic Games were held in the same country where this champion was born.

    Remember that I said this athlete moved to another country? That country hosted an Olympics in which another athlete, with the same initials as our birthday person, won an Olympic gold medal in the same event as our birthday athlete did some 32 years prior.

    Now is the time for you to name this birthday athlete on this day before St. Patrick's Day.

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    James Lightbody


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      James Lightbody it is, bambam1729. Very well done. Lightbody (good thing he wasn't a thrower) competed in the 1904, 1906, and the 1908 Olympics. He won Olympic gold medals in the 800, 1,500 (twice), and the 2,590 steeplechase. He also took Olympic silver medals in the four mile team race (no longer held) and the 800. He later moved to Germany and ran for that country.


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        Just to be really picky, DoubleRBar, he moved to Germany and ran "in" that country, but not sure he ever ran "for" Germany - such as in an international.


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          Thank you, bambam1729. You're probably right. Come to think of it, I ran in Germany, too.


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            The 2002 Best Picture of the Year was Chicago. I had to look it up to see what that connection was. Lightbody was not from Chicago, but won that silver in the four mile team race as part of the Chicago Athletic Association.


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              He also attended University of Chicago, although I don't think he ever graduated