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Alan Greenberg from Oklahoma


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  • Alan Greenberg from Oklahoma

    In his autobiographical book The Rise and Fall of Bear Stearns, the author Alan “Ace” Greenberg states that he ran the 100y in 10 flat and was Oklahoma City city champion in 1944. He says one could look it up. Does anyone have the resources and energy to do so?

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    HS Editor Jack Shepard can't address the city champs claim one way or another, but does have a pair of probably-windy 10-flat times that year for Greenberg. That was as a junior; he doesn't appear at all as a senior.


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      On April 22, 1944, Greenberg won the Mid-State 100y/220y double at the Mid-State meet in Norman. Clocked 10.0 for the 100y.

      In 1945, Greenberg finished third in the Class A state 100y and 220y.


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        Good to see a true claim for a change!


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          Classen HS, same as Bob Peoples, JT HSR holder.


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            70 years ago, Classen was the prestigious academic and athletic HS in OKC.. with changing demographics, it was enveloped by the "inner city".. a new NW Classen was built five miles west in burgeoning suburbs.. again demographics has changed NW Classen (think Vince Gill) from an academic mecca and athletic power house into an afterthought...meanwhile, the old city has gentrified and Classen morphed into an advanced science/math school that has no athletic teams and is moving four miles NE to the old NE HS, another school long past its glory days in the 1040s-50s. Similarly, demographics has changed Capital Hill HS (JW Mashburn) a pre-war athletic powerhouse, into an also-ran.
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              I half-expected lonewolf to tell us he ran against Alan Greenberg, but I think Ace was about 5 years older.

              Although Bear Stearns did not end well, Greenberg was a true icon of the business world. If one has the opportunity, his other book, Memos from the Chairman is a light, funny but insightful read about business philosophy.



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                You are right, wamego, although known by reputation, Ace was a HS generation before me... I did not live in OKC and there were only two classes of schools... with total 70 students in my entire rural HS, we were definitely not in Classen's class... I do remember admiring Classen Comets matching track uniforms.. in those primitive days, many high schools ran track in their basketball uniforms, we had a miler who ran (not very fast) in cowboy boot. .. a few years ago a District HJ champion was initially DQed for jumping in his HS basketball uniform... thankfully the decision was reversed since it was school issue.