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Nine fun facts about the Olympics

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  • Nine fun facts about the Olympics

    1. The first winner of the modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896 was American James B. Connolly, who won the triple jump competition.

    2. The oldest medalist of the Olympic Games is Oscar Swahn from Sweden. He won a silver medal in shooting in 1920 in Antwerp at the age of 72.

    3. The oldest participant of the Olympics is Lorna Johnstone from Great Britain. In 1972, at the age of 70, she was awarded 12th place in dressage.

    4. The youngest participant in the Olympic Games is Dimitrios Loundras from Greece. He competed in gymnastics at the first Olympics in 1896 at the age of 10.

    5. In 1960 the first Paralympics were organized in Rome.

    6. American Eddie Eagan is the only athlete in history to win a gold medal at both the winter and summer Olympics. Eagan won the gold medal in Antwerp in 1920 in boxing (light-heavyweight), and 12 years later at the Olympics in Lake Placid, he was in the winning bobsleigh four.

    7. At the second modern Olympics in Paris in 1900, it was discovered that two boats competing in rowing competitions have hidden engines.

    8. In the first modern games (Athens 1896) Frenchman Leon Flameng showed a rare spirit of sport. He developed a huge advantage over his rivals during the 100km long cycling race and all but one of his competitors gave up the fight after 150 laps. Greek Georgios Kolettis was far behind and at one point his bike broke down. When the leader saw this, he stopped riding and waited for the rival to get a new bike and continue riding. Flameng maintained a six-lap lead until the finish line where he was applauded.

    9. In 1936, during a parade in Berlin, the representatives of Liechtenstein and Haiti realized for the first time that their countries have identical flags - two horizontal stripes, where blue is above red. As a result, a small European country decided to add a crown in the upper left-hand corner, which is still on the flag today. Since then, the Haitian people have also modified the appearance of their national colors by adding a small palm surrounded by flags.
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    It is especially "fun fact" that the oldest medalist is older than the oldest participant. Oscar Swahn won thus a medal without participating, which is quite a feat!


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      Lorna Johnstone is the oldest female Olympian. Swahn is the oldest Olympian - male or female. Johnstone is the 9th oldest Olympian - male or female.


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        And the 1960 Paralympics were only the first time that name was used. The Paralympics are considered to have started in 1948 with the Stoke Mandeville Games. Stoke Mandeville was a rehabilitation hospital in Great Britain, and the games were started by Sir Ludwig Guttmann, a neurologist who worked at the hospital.