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  • Vermin

    Happy birthday today (Tuesday) to an Olympic champion who quit boxing to try track and field.

    This athlete was an orphan before turning 13 and later became a Type 2 diabetic.

    Our birthday person did not compete in the Olympic hurdles, however this athlete did compete in two events at one Olympic Games.

    The title of this thread has nothing to do with our birthday champion, except when you rearrange the six letters to come up with a clue that could help you answer the following question.

    Who is this Olympic champion turning 82 years old on this final day of June?

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    Billy Mills?


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      Happy 82nd birthday today to Billy Mills and good job, KDFINE. Mills, as you may remember won the 10,000 in Tokyo at the 1964 Olympics. He beat the world record holder (Ron Clarke) and became the first American to win the Olympic 10,000. One week after winning that Olympic gold medal, he finished in 14th place in the Olympic marathon. This time, Ron Clarke beat him when Clarke finished in ninth place. Today, Billy Mills and his wife (Pat) live in Fair Oaks, California (Sacramento County). If I could go back in time and witness any Olympic final (one that I did not see in person), the Olympic 10,000 of October 14, 1964, would be my number one choice.


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        O.K. So please explain the clue.


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          Billy Mills came to my HS my freshman year in 1985 (Colfax, CA in northern CA). I ripped a blank page out of the back of my history book to get his autograph.

          First and only autograph I've ever had.


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            Originally posted by KDFINE View Post
            O.K. So please explain the clue.
            William Mervin Mills.