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  • FASU

    Happy 88th birthday today (Sunday) to an Olympic champion who won two Olympic gold medals within 50 hours of each other.

    This champion competed in only one Olympic Games and not in the hurdles.

    Born in an Olympic year, our birthday athlete was known for another sport before winning the Olympic gold medals.

    You may be wondering about the title of this thread.

    It would make more sense if you reversed the four letters in our title.

    Another Olympic champion, in a very similar event, won Olympic gold at the same Olympics as our birthday person.

    The other Olympic champion in a very similar event has the same last name as our birthday champion.

    I would guess you already know who are birthday athlete is for this second Sunday of July.

    Please give it a try and name this Olympic champion.

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    The two golds within 50 hours suggests that a relay was one of the gold events. The two with the same last name has me thinking of Otis and Glenn Davis. The latter was a hurdler, so the USAF guy would have been Otis.


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      and Otis Davis was in the USAF before he ran for Oregon


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        I didn't recall that.


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          Happy birthday (88) today to Otis Davis, winner of the 1960 men's 400 in 44.9. You got him, tandfman and yes, Otis was in the Air Force before running at Oregon. Otis was born on the second Tuesday in July of 1932 (just before the Los Angeles Olympics) and he won the Olympic 400 in Rome on the first Tuesday of September in 1960 (about eight weeks before JFK beat RMN in the presidential election). He also anchored the winning four by 400 relay team with his 45.25 leg. The winning time of 3:02.37 set a new world record. Some of you may remember that Otis Davis played basketball before giving the 400 a try.