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    Happy birthday today (Saturday) to an Olympic champion who competed in four Olympic Games and the gold medal in the first of those four Games.

    Our birthday athlete died 17 days after turning 79 years old.

    You probably already know that this champion did not compete in the hurdles.

    Born 89 years ago today, this person died on the same day as Scott Davis, the former meet director of the Mt. SAC Relays (and track announcer).

    A big clue would tell you what happened about three months after our birthday athlete won that Olympic gold medal.

    About ten days after turning 24, another athlete won an Olympic gold medal and this other athlete won that gold medal the day before our birthday person won the gold medal.

    The country where our birthday athlete won the Olympic gold medal speaks the same language as did our birthday individual.

    Who is this Olympic champion who was born on a Saturday, won the Olympic gold medal on a Saturday, and is remembered on this first Saturday of August?

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    Sounds like Harold Connolly.


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      Hal Connolly it is. Good job, tandfman. As you know, Connolly was the last American to win a hammer throw Olympic championship. He met Olga Fikotova in Melbourne at the 1956 Olympics and they were married about 12 weeks later. Olga won the women's discus the day before Hal won the men's hammer throw in Melbourne. Hal Connolly competed in the hammer throw in Melbourne (gold), Rome (8th), Tokyo (6th), and again in Mexico City (didn't make the final).