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    Konstanze Klosterhalfen
    Has a certain rhythm to it--plus its holder is an adorable and talented runner!
    (In my blog, I either type out the full name, or call her "KK". Don't really like "KoKo"!!)

    Molly Huddle
    Always loved the name "Molly". Had an Aunt Molly who we visited often in the Bronx in my childhood--she lived 6 blocks from Yankee Stadium!
    Also briefly knew a girl named Molly Nelson I met at the only frat party I ever attended--we dated a few times--she was just 15 & I was 20!!
    As for Ms Huddle, I've liked her FULL name since first seeing her name in T&FN when she was in HS!!


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      Nobody will ever have beat this guy in the best T&F name category:
      Było smaszno, a jaszmije smukwijne...


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        Originally posted by Powell View Post
        Nobody will ever have beat this guy in the best T&F name category:

        Nominated earlier:


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          Not my favorite name in track & field, but one of my favorites is Kwaku Boateng (good luck on the pronunciation). Kwaku Boateng was a Canadian high jumper who competed in the Sydney Olympics in 2000. He is not the Canadian football player with the same name.


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            Boateng is a fairly common name around these parts. There were two families with the same last name and put out a few decent athletes so their names were in the media somewhat often. My son was friendly with two of them.


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              How about Athing Mu?
              First, I thought the "u" in Mu was pronounced as a "u".
              It's pronounced as an "o", as in "Mo"/

              In my blog, I once started a sentence "A thing about Mu....."


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                I had a girl all year long, last name: Hauser. Calling roll, I always said, HOWZER, and she smiled and said 'here'.
                Towards the end I met her dad and somehow it came up that their last name was pronounced, HOOZER.
                The next day I asked her why she never corrected me, and she rolled her eyes and said, 'That's only how my dad prounouces it; the rest of us say HOWZER,'
                I dropped the subject.


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                  No. 14 on this year's women's 50K Walk list:

                  Hong Kong's Billy Kwok Chik Ha