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  • Bruno

    Happy birthday today (Sunday) to an Olympic champion who was born 111 years ago today and won the Olympic gold medal two days before his birthday.

    Our birthday athlete competed in only one Olympic Games and that was one the same continent where this individual was born.

    Even though this champion was as hurdler in school, no hurdles were involved in that Olympic gold medal, however a world record was.

    This person died at the age of 84, just five days before Richard M. Nixon's last birthday (81).

    You might already know that this athlete participated in World War II.

    After an athletic career, this champion became a coach and stayed in one place for 27 years.

    Unscramble these five letters to give you a clue: "Saber".

    Actually, two world records were involved in our birthday athlete's Olympic gold medal.

    Track and field was not the only sport this champion did.

    Can you name our birthday athlete for this second Sunday of August?

    Please give it your best try.

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    Since you mention "school," I believe this is American. Born 1909 (if my math is correct this time); hence competed in L. A. This is as far as I can get.


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      Olli, you must have done some math work during the past 24 hours. Yes, our birthday athlete is an American and did compete in Los Angeles in 1932. So far, so good. Nothing can stop you now.


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        I learned about this BD Olympian on my research of a World Mile Record Holder from same school as BD athlete has an association with. A true athlete, student, and mentor of track and field.


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          Looks like "SABER" unscrambles to Bears, maybe the mascot of the school that he coached at. Could be Cal. I have no idea, too much before my time.


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            Yes, the school are the "Bears", but not Cal. You are certainly free to answer, midwestfan.


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              Not sure where "Bruno" fits into the clue but the Bears fits into Brown University and the connection is for Ivan William Fuqua. During my research of Norman Taber I ran across Fuqua and one fact which stands out was he was one of fourteen children and the only boy!! Can you imagine the bathroom line on school days? I am sure there were not many homes in Brazil, IN with two bathrooms.


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                Ivan Fuqua was born 111 years ago yesterday (Sunday). Very good, midwestfan. Fuqua ran the first leg (47.1) on the United States' winning four by 400 relay team in Los Angeles (1932). He did this two days before turning 23 years old. The U.S.relay team broke the world record in the qualifying race and then again in the final (3:08.2).

                Fuqua was in the Navy during World War II and later coached track and field. He was at Brown University for 27 years. Some of you may know that the mascot at Brown is Bruno the Bear.