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  • Rageh Ahmed Mohammed Al-Murisi

    Happy 87th birthday today (Monday) to an Olympic champion who competed in two Olympic Games and won medals at both those Games.

    This champion set three world records before winning that Olympic gold medal.

    No hurdles were involved in any of our birthday athlete's Olympic medals.

    I am thinking of three Olympic gold medalists in track & field that went to the same school as our birthday individual.

    Let's call these three athletes "A", "B", and "C".

    "A" won Olympic gold on the same continent where our birthday athlete won Olympic silver.

    "B" won Olympic gold four years after our birthday athlete won Olympic gold.

    "C" won Olympic gold in the same stadiums where our birthday person won Olympic silver and Olympic gold.

    You may have read about our birthday champion back in May of 2011 when this person made news about 30,000 feet above the ground.

    Some of you know that our birthday athlete was "lucky" to win the Olympic gold medal in Europe.

    Please name this Olympic champion with a birthday on this second Monday of August.

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    I am guessing an American in Rome, but that is as far as I can go.
    "A beautiful theory killed by an ugly fact."
    by Thomas Henry Huxley


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      I keep thinking USC, USC, but then can't come up with any correct, or enough, combos.


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        An American in Rome is correct, Pego. USC is a good guess, but not correct this time. Remember, no hurdles this time.


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          Can't be Ralph Boston; he was in 3 Olympics. And Al Oerter was in 4. It's either Bill Nieder or Rafer Johnson. And there's hurdles in the decathlon. So I'll guess Bill Nieder.


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            "A" must be Al Oerter. B and C could be Al Oerter, too. But "B" is Billy Mills.


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              "C" is Al Oerter. And "A" must have won at Sydney.


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                Yup, sure looks like Nieder, with Mills and Oerter the other Kansans. But who is the 4th one ? But I won't research it.


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                  Happy birthday yesterday (Monday) to Bill Nieder and good work, J Rorick. "A" did win in Sydney and "B" is Billy Mills. Al Oerter is "C". Bill Nieder was "lucky" to get to Rome in 1960 after finishing fourth at the U.S. Olympic Trials in Stanford University.


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                    And what does the subject title mean?


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                      I can tell you that "A" is a sprinter. In 2011 Bill Nieder was aboard a flight from Chicago to San Francisco when a man (our title) tried to force his way into the cockpit. Nieder and some other men wrestled the man to the floor and probably prevented a disaster.


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                        I tried to research who A is, but for all the relay runners for the 400 and 1600 relays, I could not readily find a Kansan. So I gave up....


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                          Maurice Greene.